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Custom Built

Design with your budget in mind

A custom home doesn’t have to be costly. When you build custom, everything is up to you. Not sure you know exactly what you want? You don’t have to be an expert in architecture to build a custom home that fits your needs. Work together with an architect, or take advantage of our design services. We care about our customers, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Needs and Wants

Expert Tip: When brainstorming your project, categorize your needs and wants. This will make it easier to communicate your priorities to the contractor.

Style and Design

Buying an existing home means ceding to someone else’s style and design choices. With a custom home, everything from the floor plan to the wall sconces reflect your personality.

Guidelines and Suggestions

Start planning your next project with some guidelines and suggestions from the Proctor Construction experts.

Selecting Land

Whether you’re selecting a suburban plot or acreage, don’t forget to consider the location. What utility company manages the area? What’s the climate like in other seasons? Don’t forget to check out nearby schools and stores before you purchase!

Plan Ahead

Building custom is a great way to get the full function of your home without breaking the bank. Your house will continue to serve you over the years if you plan for future events such as an at home career or an expanding family.

Divine Design

There’s no replacement for good design. Snip ideas from magazines, or use online tools like Pinterest to get an idea of what’s structurally important to you. Then, consult with our designers and listen to their input , you’ll love the end result.

Think About You

The best part of a custom home or remodel is that it’s all about you. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want. We’ll do our very best to build exactly what you’re looking for.


Update and personalize your existing home with a remodel. Home improvement is our specialty. Give your bathroom or kitchen a complete make-over. Create open space or remove walls, get organized with custom built-ins, even update your cabinetry.

Our remodeling expertise doesn’t stop with interiors. We can also build patio covers, gazebo, and built-in barbeques or fire pits.


Make the house you love work.

If you love your home but need more room, consider adding to it. Build a new kitchen or create more closet space and make your house more functional. Extend your living space with the addition of a bedroom or bathroom or add a living room or family room.

Fall in love with the home you have.

Just because you’re not in love with your current space doesn’t mean you can’t be. Customize your floor plan with a tasteful addition, and avoid the cost and inconvenience of moving elsewhere.

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